What our Client have to say and Sample Wins;

Mis-Sold Investments and Pensions

My claim was handled by Ron Amoore, who was very helpful and efficient. He secured a payout beyond what I thought possible, over £134,000.” Mr Dennis Evans
“Roy, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for all your help, I’m still in shock at the sum I have received. I wrote this money off years ago and to receive this amount is just astounding. It will make a huge difference to my life and it’s all down to you and your team. Thank you so very much.” Kind regards, Alison Workman
“Hi Ron, I just wanted to call and thank you personally for what you have done for me. I would not have had anything at all if it weren’t for you knowing all the rules about what I shouldn’t have invested.” Ms Frances Matthews.
“Thank you Roy. Very professional, very thorough and incredibly knowledgeable about what you were doing, we never would have been able to claim that back.” Mrs G.
“I’m 100% happy with what you have done for us. I would totally recommend you to anybody. Thank you very much.”
Mr Ralph Whitworth.
“Wow, that is brilliant. I am exceptionally pleased. The (pension refund amount) is far more than I expected. Thank you very much Roy. Mr D.
Roy, I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for the fantastic outcome of my current claim. I could not have pursued the claim on my own and appreciated your expert, personal intervention. The outcome has certainly enhanced my retirement fund. Thanks you very much.” Kindest Regards, Marilyn Bennett.
“We congratulate you for a wonderful service, especially Mr Matt Fitzgerald, who kept us informed of each procedure along the way. We would recommend your company as being first class!” Mr and Mrs James and Margaret Bennett
“I recently instructed Consumer Savings Network to make a complaint on my behalf regarding an investment I had made with a bank some years ago. Mr Martin/ the company was very efficient acquiring all the information needed and writing the complaint, also answering and returning my phone calls and inquiries. The best bit is that they won the case for me and I got all my money back. I am extremely happy and grateful and I would recommend Consumer Savings Network as an excellent company to use. Many Thanks.”Ms Anouska Furniss.

Some samples of Investment / Pension compensation refunds awarded to our clients. (Surnames altered to ensure privacy).

£134,000 in investment compensation awarded to Mr and Mrs Evans from poor OEIC investment advice given to his late father by Abbey/Santander.
£80,658 in pension compensation awarded by Sesame for company pension transfer into a PPP                                 
£104,027 in compensation to Mr and Mrs Cauldy, for Barclays investment products that overexposed them to risk.
£12,576 awarded to Mr Whitaker for Investment Bonds with Barclays, after going to the Financial Ombudsman.
£20,378 in compensation from a Halifax Investment Bonds and ISA Collective was awarded to Mr Landon.
£10,242 in compensation from Lloyds Scottish Widows stocks and shares ISA, and OEICs, awarded to Mr Heswall.
£7,614 in compensation from an HSBC ISA and Investment Funds Plan, was awarded to Mrs Howard.
£29,345 in compensation from a Halifax Investment Bond awarded to Mr and Mrs Robertson.
£93,600 in compensation and interest to Mr and Mrs Pines, for Mis-sold Investment Bonds through St James Place.
£10,468 in compensation and interest for Ms Hughes, from her Lloyds ISA.
£18,565 with added interest for Mr and Mrs Duncan from their With Profit Bond with Natwest/RBS.
£18,730 with added interest for Mr and Mrs Rowland from a PIP (Personal Investment Plan) provided by Halifax.
£40,228 with added interest for Mr and Mrs Morgan from a Personal Investment Management Fund recommended by Barclays.
£38,842 awarded by Mercer to Mr F. for transferring his pension into a SIPP.
£23,353 for Mr and Mrs Gold for poorly advised stocks and shares ISA’s recommended by Yorkshire.
and many more!

PPI Success Stories and Client Comments

‘Very good indeed from start to finish- very helpful and professional. I would recommend your services! With very many Thanks!’
J Francis Lawrence
‘Just to say thanks for your attention with PPI claim. We would not have known we were entitled to a refund without your help.’
Terry Whitehouse
‘Absolutely fantastic. Hope my other claims I still have going through could make the same outcome. Thank you so very much.’
G. Williams

(Where compensation figures are given, the actual surnames below have been altered to ensure privacy).
Here are a few samples of the variety of PPI case wins secured for clients;
£14,964.93 from Barclaycard for Mr Henley
£1,394.02 from Santander for Mr Jarvis
£15,107.16 from Yorkshire Bank for Mr Thomas
£6,278.36 from HSBC after taking his case to the Financial Ombudsman after HSBC rejected it, for Mr Cook
£18,833.65 from unfair commission charges associated with PPI (Plevin) from Barclaycard for Ms Lindsey
£2,618.79 from unfair commission charges associated with PPI (Plevin) from MBNA for Mr Fuller

Here are a few sample wins from the last week of December 2018;
£9,551.89 from Capital One for Mrs Maynard
£2,692.741 from Mint cards for Mrs Carr
£4,616.10 from Lloyds for Mr Lewis
£3,221.50 from M&S for Mrs Ray
…and many more!

Package Bank Success Stories…

“Very helpful and professional. Does what it says on the tin. Many Thanx!!”
Mr Mufudzi Dube

“Very efficient and rewarding, keeping me informed about developments regularly.”
David Gillespie

Some sample Consumer Savings Network PBA wins for clients from 1st week of May 2018;
£1,351.45 for Mr Hunt from his Lloyds Silver account
£2,086.18 for Mr Shaw from his RBS Royalties Gold account
£1,714.86 for Miss Barrett from her Yorkshire Bank Signature account
£3,248.36 for Mrs Dougherty from a CO-OP Priviledge account

Prior Sample wins from other Banks;
£1,455.40 for Mrs Cooper from a signature account with Yorkshire.
£3,768.14 for Ms Simms from her Platinum account with Lloyds.
£5257.26 for Mr Reed from his Gold account with Lloyds.
£2,921.45 for Mr Kulova from his  Advantage Gold account with Natwest.
£2,103.84 for Mr Theaston from his Ultimate Reward account with Halifax.
…and many more!