The PPI was August 29th 2019 and has now passed.

PPI Update for Existing Clients:
All PPI existing claims are still being investigated but we have been informed by the FCA as well as by the PPI companies that due to the large surge in claim applications in July and August 2019, there will be a delay in processing these claims which may last until early Summer 2020, in some cases. 
We have been asked to advise clients to be patient and informed that we are not allowed to pester the PPI companies for results on individual cases. Once you have received a notice of your refund please contact our office so that figures can be confirmed for accuracy.
  • As a reminder, our commission fee for PPI is 20% plus Vat (24% in total) of the gross compensation (before tax is removed) you are awarded. For example is you receive £5,000 in gross compensation, you will have to pay us £1000 plus £200 in vat so £1,200 in total

Natwest and RBS have informed us of a delay of several weeks in making PPI compensation payments.

Shop Direct notified us of continuing delay in processing store card PPI claims.

Although delays continue, PPI refunds are still being awarded and many of our clients have been pleasantly surprised.
Here a a few recent wins awarded in 2020:
  • Mrs M.F. won over £16K from PPI on her old loans and credit cards with Lloyds.
  • Mr Z.M. received over £9K in PPI refunds for PPI on his Capital One card.
  • Mrs A.C. won back over £3K from PPI paid on her M&S cards.
  • Mrs L.S. received nearly £6K as a PPI refund from her Barclaycard
  • Miss T. H. was awarded over £2.5K from her Egg loans
  • And many many more!
So be patient and hopefully you too will have some good news regarding your claim(s).
Thank you for your patience in advance,
The CSN Team.
Not all cases are the same and refund amounts vary.