No Win – No Fee / Pre Contract Information

Unlike some companies that charge a deposit, or processing / administration fee, we do not charge anything up front to make your claim!
We only charge a fee when we are successful and only after you have received your refund.

Making a claim yourself

You do not need to use Consumer Savings Network to make your claim. You can do this yourself free of charge directly with the financial institution you feel owes you compensation. If your claim is unsuccessful you can then take you claim to the Financial Ombudsman’s service for further consideration. In the event that the financial institution you wish to complain about is no longer in service, you may be able to take you claim to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Your right to cancel

You may cancel any of the claim contracts with us by notice in writing, email or telephone at any point without charge within a cooling off period of 14 days. If after the cancellation period, we receive written or verbal notification of a successful claim because of the work we presented to the financial institution on your behalf, you will be liable for our full fee as detailed above. If you cancel after 14 days, and we are not successful with your claim, you will not be charged.

NO WIN, NO FEE: PPI, PBA, Pension and Investment Claims.

Stressed Payday loan couple calculating their finances
Over 50,000*
PPI, PBA and Investment compensation claims processed for our clients
90%** Success
Overall success rate for compensation claims made for our clients
£30 Million+*
Over £30 Million in compensation and refunds won for our clients

*Based on our Staff processing claims for CPS Ltd and CSN Ltd.**On cases where claim is valid and client statement of truth is accurate.

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