How can I claim?

You can either contact your lender or credit card company and follow their procedures to file a claim, or you can use the services of a claims management company like ourselves. We first ask each client several key questions over the phone to ensure that they have a valid claim, and from this information we can put together a detailed case that outlines your particular conditions and the broken financial conduct principles. Many claims management companies have you do the whole process online and never even talk to you, but we feel that our approach makes each claim personal and therefore more likely to win.

What if I can’t find the loan or card details?

We can still retrieve your loan reference or credit card number through the Data Protection Act even if the account is closed. We can go back about 15 years. It may take a little longer to retrieve the details, but we can then confirm whether you paid PPI on the account and claim your money back. Just let our claims adviser know that you no longer have the details and they will help. Call <a href=" web project management”>CPS or visit the website for advice, or to have a claim pack sent to you. Agents are available until 8pm. No win no fee.