Lloyds has admitted shortcomings in the handling of complaints at a centre set up to deal with PPI mis-selling.

June 11 2013 BBC News

It comes as an undercover reporter at the Times said staff at one of the bank’s complaints handling centres had been taught to “play the system”.

The reporter said he was told to ignore possible fraud by Lloyds salesmen and that most complainants would give up if rejected the first time.

Lloyds said it had identified issues at the centre independently.

It added that it believed that some of the comments made to the reporter were “isolated” and were now being addressed.

The Times reporter said he was told that a job as a PPI complaint handler could be “morally difficult” and that they should effectively turn a blind eye to the risk of fraud.

Payment protection insurance (PPI) was designed to cover loan repayments for policyholders who became ill, had an accident or lost their jobs learn the facts here now.

Yet it was mis-sold by banks on a massive scale to customers who did not want or need it.

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