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Case Study of a Recent Client Refund

Mrs Judith D web based project management tool. (surname omitted for confidentiality) from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, read our article and decided to give us a call. She recalled having been charged for PPI on an old Lloyd’s Credit Card for several years but no longer had the card number. We wrote to Lloyd’s and performed a subject access request which allowed us to
retrieve her card number and confirm that she had in fact paid PPI on that card. We then submitted a detailed complaint letter based on the conversation Judith had with one of our agents, Ryan, who asked her a few important questions over the phone to make the claim personal and establish how the PPI was mis-sold.

Each case is different but on this particular one; This summary established three important facts,

(a) It turned out that she had some inheritance that she kept for rainy days that would have covered the payments in
the event she were out of work temporarily, so she had adequate savings to have been able to pay the cards monthly payments for some time in the event she was temporarily out of work.

(b) she also already paid into an insurance scheme through her work that gave her some coverage if she were ill for a period of time and finally

(c) that the terms and limitations of the PPI cover were not made available for her to read prior to having the PPI on her card. Had she been given these details, she would have understood that PPI was optional and only covered minimum monthly card payment for a limited period of time which she didn’t need because of (a) and (b).

Well to make a long story short, we ended up winning her a full refund with added interest that added up to £12,887.72. These types of success stories happen every day in our office to people just like you, who haven’t tried to make a claim because they don’t have the details.

Isn’t it worth letting us have a look?

CPS was established in 2008 to investigate mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance policies. Financial institutions often convinced individuals into accepting PPI, whilst not fully understanding if the policy was necessary. Consumer Protection Services Provide  Expert PPI Claims and Package bank account compensation services . We care about getting you what you are entitled too!

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