You could be due £1000s in compensation – plus interest

Roy Gwinneth our lead Mis-sold Investment Adviser with over 27 years experience working as a financial adviser and IFA including 20 years with HSBC, explains why in many instances unsuspecting clients were sold investments unsuitable for their needs.

How were people mis-sold investments by bank advisers?

Most bank financial advisers were tied agents, which means they could only recommend investment products provided by the bank they worked for, which limited the options available. This resulted in customers being sold investments that suited the banks product range rather than the customer’s requirements.

In most cases, bank advisers were put under pressure to hit their target if they wanted to keep their jobs or receive a bonus. Therefore it is not surprising that many people were sold investments which were unsuitable for their needs. In fact Lloyds Banking Group was recently fined £28m by the FCA for putting branch staff under such pressure to sell products in order to claim bonuses or avoid being demoted.

HSBC were also hit with a £10.5m fine for selling unsuitable products to almost 2,500 elderly customers, and Barclays were fined £7.7million. RBS and NatWest group have also been fined £2.8million for failing to properly serve their customers’ needs.

Couple claiming mis sold investments

How do I know if I was mis-sold by my bank adviser?

  • If you were over 50 years when you made the investment,
    and your attitude to risk was cautious.
  • If more than half of your available capital was invested.
  • If all you received back was original capital or you made
    a loss.

What sort of investments can I claim for?

You can claim back investments made in Stocks and Shares, ISAs, Unit Trusts, Investment Bonds, PEPs, OEIC’S or any other investment type that may not have been suitable to your circumstances at the time. Also, Self Invested Pensions Schemes (SIPS), sold by Lloyds between 2007 and 2012 as they are prepared to compensate loss of interest.
We can also claim back loss of principal reduction on Interest Only Mortgages where the policy was mis-sold because it either went into your retirement years or the adviser did not make sure you had a proper repayment vehicle in place after the interest only period expired.

Client Success Story

We are getting real results for clients who, perhaps like you have given up on their loss thinking that nothing could be done. Take Mr and Mrs Pengally, who had this to say about our service:

“Purely by chance did I read the CSN article regarding possible claims for mis-sold investments in a recent Cotswold Life magazine. Simply a telephone call to CSN set a hugely knowledgeable and experienced financial expert into action. My wife and I had written off our losses a decade ago, the outcome has been incredible and beyond our wildest expectations. Anyone having lost money in the manner we did should contact Mr Roy Gwinneth at CSN. Our sincere thanks to them.”

We managed to not only get their £34,000 loss from Scottish Widows Flexible Option Bonds and ISAs fully refunded, we also won them over £60,000 in added compensation from Lloyds.

Give us a chance to review your case, all work is done on a no win-no fee basis so you have nothing to lose
and potentially everything to gain!

Expert guidance:

Consumer Savings Network also specialise in claiming back money spent on PPI policies or Fee paying bank accounts known as Packaged.