Consumer Savings Network was founded on the principles of representing the individual over the big firm and saving our clients the stress, time and other complications associated with taking on such institutions.

Consumer Protection Services Professional TeamOut investments team understands where clients have been mis advised or too much of their capital was placed into the investment. Investment bonds, Capital Protected (guaranteed investment) products, ISA’s and Portfolio Management Accounts were often poorly advised. Our team of investment claims specialists have secured millions of pounds in Investment compensation for our clients over the years. We will review each case on an individual basis to determine if there may have been inappropriate advice. We will gather the relevant documents that will help us to determine if the Investment(s) the Financial Adviser recommended accurately matched your desires and your risk profile at the time.  If we agree that there is a basis for complaint, we will formulate a detailed complaint, submit it to the relevant department and follow up until we get a final response. Our mis-sold investments team have been successfully processing investment claims since 2013 and look forward to speaking to you about yours. Compensation amounts vary depending on the particulars of each case.

Why use a specialist?

At Consumer Savings Network we take each claim seriously and truly enjoy getting compensation for our clients when we have identified flaws or other areas of concern regarding Investment or Self Invested Pension Plans (SIPP) advice.  In many instances, clients have misplaced the paperwork relating to their initial financial review or the transaction history regarding their investments or SIPP. We can write to the relevant service provider and often locate the paperwork necessary to review and process your claim. As a claims management company that specializes in Mis sold investments and SIPPs, we understand the rules regarding the FCA Principles of Business and the treating customer fairly (TCF) initiatives which we then use to make our case and get you back what you deserve.

If your complaint is rejected but we feel it’s still justified.

Where your claim is rejected /unsuccessful and we feel it justified, we will complete the necessary forms and refer it to the Financial Ombudsman’s service for further review by an adjudicator and if we are still not satisfied, to a Senior Ombudsman for consideration.

At Consumer Savings Network, many of the rejected cases that we present to the Financial Ombudsman’s Service for review get overturned, resulting in a refund for you even after the investment or SIPP advisory firm has said no.